Thanks Kam Foo & Sienna Entertainment Las Vegas for the best trip to the US Ever! We can’t say enough great things!

Thanks Kam Foo & Sienna Entertainment Las Vegas for the best trip to the US Ever! We can't say enough great things!

This is my 3rd trip to Vegas from Australia. My wife and I planned this trip for a few months around work and MBA commitments. I have used other VIP service companies previously but this time, my experience was different and I made new friends in the US.
I got in touch with Kam Foo from Sienna Entertainment about 4 months before the trip and was specific in regards to which clubs i wanted to attend etc. Within 24 hours (due to time difference from US to Aus) Kam replied back with possible options for each venue. Kam also said that Sienna LV not only facilitates nightlife but also can organise accomodation, tours and activities. Like a one stop shop. I felt like i was a high roller being looked after my own casino host lol.
Kam then quickly organised accomodation for LA, Anahiem (Disneyland tickets and shuttle included) and Vegas. He also gave me top options for partying and activities in Vegas. Kam was a pleasure to deal with and made communication and payment very easy.

Day 1 : Las Vegas Kam organised Machine Gun Vegas’s Seal Team option. WOW. What an experience. An array of hand guns, shot guns and machine guns. Owning guns is illegal in Aus so we were blown away by this new experience.
Kam also organised restaurant booking for the day.

Day 2: Kam put us in touch with a friend of his to hire a Harley Davidson and a tour of the Hoover Dam. This was a phenomenal experience. Not only were we able to see an American icon like the Hoover Dam, but to do it in style on a Harley was surreal. That dat Kam also comped us tickets to see Absyinthe. Great show at Ceasars Palace. In the middle of the tour, Kam called me and said that he has a FREE table and bottle service at Surrender and if we wanted it. I was blown away. Who would give you FREE table service in Vegas. I thought he was nuts lol. My wife and I went to Surrender night swim party and partied the night away.

Day 3: Wet Republic. We had organised a shaded table at Wet Republic. Kam’s guy met us outside and took is in. To our surprise, he then gave us a free upgrade to a Cabana. This was insane. My wife and I partied the day in style at Wet Republic pool party. Great time.
At night, Kam had organised tickets to see La Reve at the Wynn. Thumbs up.

Day 4: Kam called me and said that he was selling Mayweaher Vs Canello tickets for the day and if i wanted them. Man seriously, noone was selling tickets at this price. wow. Those who had tickets were either not selling them or selling them at ridiculous prices. Kam had great hook ups.
After the fight we had organised a table at XS to party the night away. Kam’s guy met us outside and took us to our table by the pool. Now mind you, this was fight night. Kam was still able to get us a table. No one else would could have at XS. Afrojack was playing and the place was going off. Kam managed to get us a table somehow. Thanks man. Great night.

Day 5: We just wanted to relax. Kam called me in the morning and said that he had 2 tickets for a helicopter night flight of the strip. I said heck yeh. Who else was going in comp you this but Kam Foo and Sienna Entertainment Las Vegas.

Within all this, we managed to shop and relax too… kam was always available via text or call 24/7.

In regards to accomodation, in LA he hooked us up with the Hilton, at Anahiem, Hyatt and in Vegas, The Bellagio. All 3 at the lowest rates you can find.

Guys, sersiously. Kam is the man when is comes to a holiday anywhere in the US. Actually he even hooked me up in Aus at Marquee lol. Before i got to the US, i referred a few friends and family and they were blown away by Kam’s service.

Now not only do i have ppl who can hook me up in the US, but also found a good mate. Kam and Sienna LV, you guys rock!!!!

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