Kam Foo! Sienna Entertainment ! You’re the best! Thanks for always taking care of me in Las Vegas!

Kam Foo! Sienna Entertainment ! You're the best! Thanks for always taking care of me in Las Vegas!

So I use Kam Foo Every time I go to Vegas!

Including CES and Summer time last year.

He’s the reason my trip goes smoothly and fun as hell each time. I just got back from Vegas with my boyfriend for CES week.
We were there for 9 days. We got our hotel and VIP services all from Kam.
I’ll honestly say one thing, if you’re a guy and want your Vegas trip to go smoothly and enjoy it VIP style Kam is the way to go!
He is your best bet! For me being a girl in Vegas it isn’t as difficult as it is for guys getting in places.
If you don’t use Kam expect to wait in line forever and pay A Lot of money for tables and VIP services through the clubs themselves.
On top of that you’ll have the ridiculous transportation fees.

We went to Hakkasan, Marquee, Light, and Lavo more than once the time we were there.
Got in as soon as we walked up to the door, without any hassle, any waiting and any explaining.
You just have to tell whomever Kam tells you who you are and boom you’re in! We even took a few of our clients with us a couple nights, and everything went perfect!
All you have to do is stay in touch with Kam and let him know!

One great thing I love about Kam is he will stay in touch with you letting you know about everything that’s going on at the time period you’re there.
He constantly checked on us each and every time making sure everything is going great.
I even called him late one night to see if he can get us taken care of at one of the best gentlemen’s club there, we had a few clients we wanted to take to have a good time.
Within 15 minutes he had everything taken care of, our pickup time, our entrance, and even the host from the club called me to make sure everything is set! The driver calls me we walk out the door, we had this huge bad ass black party bus pick us up and we were on our way to Sapphire.

Just take it from me if you want to have a great time in Vegas, doesn’t matter the occasion; being a business trip, bachelor/bachelorette party, a group thing, or even just by yourself Kam is the way to go!
Can’t wait to plan my summer vacation again soon!

Layla S.- Allen , TX

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