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One thing I can say is KAM FOO takes great care of you, walks you through the whole process and sets you up with the best deals in Sin City!

Thanks Josh! Great Review! I appreciate the loyal business! Well YELP people… I know if your reading this you are probably like me… When you first heard of Sienna Entertainment & Kam Foo you google all you could on the VIP services in Vegas. One thing I can say is KAM takes great care of […]

PRO TIP: Kam Foo just upgraded his staff and got some new offices as well. Sienna Entertainment’s Business seems to be doing well, so take that for what it’s worth.

This is to thank my friend Ravi M. for this awesome review! I wish you & Sonia a bountiful future & long happy life together Kam- Check out the review I posted for you. Thanks — Simply put, Kam Foo is in a class of his own. Earlier this month, my fiance and I wanted […]